Navigating Coronavirus — April 15

It’s been 49 days since President Trump said we’d soon have zero cases in the U.S. We now have 613,000 cases and 26,000 deaths — more deaths than any other country in the world.


  • Trump’s net approval keeps ticking down. Handling of the coronavirus pandemic is down 13 points since we began daily tracking.


Message guidance on the latest developments with President Trump’s handling of the crisis.

Trump keeps blaming others instead of taking responsibility for his own failure to prepare us for the outbreak, take the virus seriously, and take early action.

Adding to an already long list of scapegoats, Trump is now blaming the World Health Organization for coronavirus, despite previously praising them.

  • NEW NAVIGATOR DATA >> 56% of Americans have serious concerns that Trump too often blames others instead of taking responsibility for his own handling of the situation, as 57% say he has been self-absorbed.

Trump continues to ignore experts, putting Americans at risk.

  • ABC News: “With Trump eager to restart economy amid coronavirus crisis, experts implore feds for testing, tracing and a clear plan”

Trump is even at odds with his own administration’s experts:

  • FAUCI (Tues): We’re not there yet” on key steps to reopen economy, vs. TRUMP (Tues): “We made the right moves, now it’s time to get our country reopened again.”
  • NEW NAVIGATOR POLL >> 57% are seriously concerned that Trump is ignoring or overruling experts, the highest we’ve seen in more than three weeks of Navigator tracking.

Trump is preventing Americans from getting the help they need by putting himself first.

  • BREAKING LAST NIGHT: As working Americans struggle to make ends meet, Trump is holding up their financial assistance from the federal government just so he can change the rules and print his name on the checks. His self-absorbed behavior is hurting those in need.

Trump is undermining the very people Americans overwhelmingly trust to solve the crisis.

  • He forces Dr. Fauci to waste his time attending Trump’s increasingly unhinged daily briefings, which Fauci calls “really draining” and says prevents him from doing his job.
  • Despite governors working to actually solve the crisis and get us to a safe point to ease social distancing, Trump is accusing them of “mutiny.”
  • REMINDER >> Americans trust Fauci 22 points more than Trump on coronavirus, and governors’ approval ratings on coronavirus are 21 points higher than Trump’s.

As millions lose their jobs, Trump and Republicans are using coronavirus as a cover to give secret handouts to millionaires and big banks.

  • Republicans snuck a $90 billion tax cut for millionaires into the coronavirus relief bill — “Hedge-fund investors and owners of real estate businesses are ‘far and away’ the two prime beneficiaries of the change” (WaPo)
  • The Trump administration is giving banks the go-ahead to screw consumers. They are telling banks it is okay to take the $1,200 stimulus checks meant to help regular Americans make ends meet straight out of their bank accounts to pay off debt.
  • NEW NAVIGATOR POLL >> Just 23% rate the economy as good — the lowest ever in Navigator polling — as Americans, by 15 points, say Trump’s policy response favors the wealthy/big corporations over working/middle class.


  • Republicans are most likely to believe the worst is over. We showed Saturday that pessimism has been tracking down, but the latest data reveals Republicans are driving that shift. As Trump ramps up his rhetoric on ending social distancing, the number of Republicans who believe the worst is over is now 33% — double where it was a week ago (15%).
  • Job losses and infection rates are higher among vulnerable communities. 47% of Hispanics and 45% of service industry workers report they or a family member have lost a job — significantly higher than the 36% overall who say the same. 32% of Hispanics and 28% of non-college whites know someone with coronavirus, too — higher than the 22% overall who say the same.



The latest on how the economic crisis sparked by coronavirus is actually fueled by years of President Trump’s conservative economic policies, focusing today on Trump’s corporate bailouts and the need for further congressional action to help workers and families.

As economists warn that this recession could rival the Great Depression, Trump and his conservative allies continue putting massive corporations and the rich ahead of the workers and families desperate for support.

  • Trump’s priorities couldn’t be clearer: His administration is preparing to hand cash to wealthy investors from a fund intended to help small business owners, while giving big banks and debt collectors the green light to swipe workers’ stimulus checks and handing another big tax cut to the rich.
  • FROM ACCOUNTABLE.US ACTION >> Visit for real time tracking of the corporations benefiting from this crisis.
  • Years of failed conservative “trickle down” economic policies are hurting workers and families and fueling this recession, and more of the same is only going to make it worse.

That is why Congress must move quickly to pass legislation that holds the Trump Administration accountable and puts workers and families ahead of corporations and the rich.

  • During the last recession, corporations received massive bailouts while continuing the risky behavior that caused the economy to collapse.
  • Left unchecked, massive corporations will once again extract from the public good and exploit marginalized people, which will leave the economy less stable overall and will likely allow them to concentrate their power as smaller businesses fail. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen again.
  • Congress must prioritize shoring up small businesses and institute strong accountability mechanisms and regulations to prevent large corporations from using this moment of crisis to further concentrate economic and political power.


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