Navigating Coronavirus — August 6


  • Ratings of the economy are at their worst point in 3 months. 81% now rate the economy negatively, including two-thirds of Republicans — as a growing number of Americans (now 60%) believe it’s getting worse.


Message guidance on the latest developments with President Trump’s handling of the crisis.

  • AP: “Virus testing in the US is dropping, even as deaths mount”
  • NYT: “‘It’s Like Having No Testing’: Coronavirus Test Results Are Still Delayed”
  • Washington Post: “With Bad Coronavirus News At Home, Trump Points Misleadingly To Rising Cases Abroad”
  • AP: “Chasm grows between Trump and government coronavirus experts”
  • Business Insider: “‘Numbers don’t lie’: Fauci says you can’t deny the US has the world’s worst COVID-19 outbreak”
  • NAVIGATOR DATA >> More and more Americans (now more than 6 in 10) believe our pandemic response is worse than the rest of the world, up 12 points in the past few months.
  • NBC: “COVID-19 and children: Doctors see link between virus and neurological side effects”
  • CNN: “Quit my job, or risk serious illness? Parents and teachers face grueling decisions as schools reopen”
  • ABC: “Students at school touted by Pence for reopening must quarantine due to COVID-19”



  • Extending unemployment benefits remains very popular, as Americans are set to blame Trump and Republicans for their expiration. Two-thirds of Americans support the policy, and among them, more than half blame Trump and Republicans for not extending them.
  • A plurality of Americans oppose restarting professional sports and see rising infections among sports teams as a sign of the danger of reopening schools and easing social distancing.


The latest on how the economic crisis sparked by coronavirus is being fueled by President Trump’s actions and years of conservative economic policies, focusing today on Trump-McConnell’s continued obstruction of expanded unemployment benefits and the economic pain that’s causing for workers and families.

  • YESTERDAY >> Businesses substantially slowed hiring in July, worse than analysts expected.
  • TODAY >> We expect to see another week of record-breaking unemployment.



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Navigating Coronavirus

Navigating Coronavirus

A daily product to help you navigate Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and government response efforts. A project informed by @NavigatorSurvey.