Navigating Coronavirus — July 16


  • As Americans grow more cautious about reopening and supportive of wearing masks, they are increasingly blaming Trump for rising cases. 62% now say Trump is at least somewhat responsible for the rise in cases, up 5 points in two weeks — and in the last month, the share of Americans identifying as pro-mask has gone up 11 points while expressing caution about reopening has gone up 7 points.


  • NYT: “Total Cases in the U.S. Hit 3.5 Million; Officials Scramble to Add Restrictions”
  • NEW MODEL >> The projected death toll by November 1 is now 224,089 — up 15,000+ from a week ago.
  • LA Times: “As Trump tries to separate himself from Navarro’s attack on Fauci, a WH source tells us that POTUS himself approved it: ‘Not only was he authorized by Trump — he was encouraged.’”
  • Washington Post: “Trump administration, congressional Republicans eye tying school aid to reopening in next funding bill”
  • “Some White House officials are pushing for conditioning the aid on schools reopening partly or fully”
  • TEXAS >> “COVID-19 deaths straining Dallas County medical examiner’s morgue capacity”
  • FLORIDA >> “Dozens of Florida hospital ICUs reach capacity as coronavirus cases surge”
  • KANSAS >> “Kansas’ largest city worries about running short of ICU beds”
  • ARIZONA >> “The morgue in Phoenix was filling up with bodies so fast officials are trucking in refrigerated trailers to store more corpses.”
  • RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE >> “Federal stockpile is thin amid coronavirus surge, internal documents show”
  • Q Poll >> “62% of registered voters say President Trump is hurting efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus, compared to 31% who say he’s helping”


  • Americans are increasingly personally impacted by the virus, as fears that it will get worse go up. The number saying the worst is yet to come (63%) hit its highest point in three months, as more than 4 in 10 Americans now also say they know someone infected.
  • In a rebuke of Trump’s rush to reopen before it was safe, a majority of Americans now want to reverse reopenings and institute more aggressive social distancing measures. The number of Americans who want more aggressive social distancing has gone up 25 points in just five weeks.
  • Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump’s handling of coronavirus. The number who say Trump is “not doing enough” has hit a record high in our tracking, at 61%, as 6 in 10 now say Trump’s mistakes made this crisis worse.
  • As he and his team fight with Dr. Fauci, Americans say he is ignoring experts and are concerned about it. His ignorance of experts remains the top concern about his behavior that Americans have.


  • Trump’s economic advisors are saying that “the single most important thing we have to do going forward is stop the $600 a week [unemployment] payments” — but actual economists understand that this would be devastating for the economy.
  • One economist estimates that even scaling the benefits back, as the White House is now offering, would cost between 600,000 and 1.1 million jobs, result in an 8% cut to GDP, and wipe out up to 75% of unemployed workers’ income.
  • And yet … while workers are losing jobs, income, and health insurance, the Trump administration’s top canned bean salesperson has a bold new suggestion: Just “try something new.”




A daily product to help you navigate Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and government response efforts. A project informed by @NavigatorSurvey.

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Navigating Coronavirus

Navigating Coronavirus

A daily product to help you navigate Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and government response efforts. A project informed by @NavigatorSurvey.

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