Navigating Coronavirus — June 16


Message guidance on the latest developments with President Trump’s handling of the crisis.

  • HE’S EVEN BLAMING TESTING >> Bloomberg: “Trump, Pence Say Coronavirus Increase Due to Broad Testing”
  • Trump Monday on the U.S. outbreak: “China should not have let it happen.”
  • AND HE’S EFFECTIVELY SHUT DOWN THE TASK FORCE >> CNN: “Task force officials out of public view as White House pivots to economic message”
  • “Their absence coincides with the White House shifting of attention from addressing the health ramifications of coronavirus to reopening states and resuming campaign rallies.”
  • VOX: “Pence follows up Trump’s coronavirus lie with one of his own, falsely claims that Oklahoma, where cases are going up, has ‘flattened the curve’”
  • TRUMP: “We expect to have, you know, it’s like a record-setting crowd. We’ve never had an empty seat and we certainly won’t in Oklahoma.”
  • Tulsa World editorial: This is the wrong time and Tulsa is the wrong place for the Trump rally”
  • “Tulsa is still dealing with the challenges created by a pandemic. The city and state have authorized reopening, but that doesn’t make a mass indoor gathering of people pressed closely together and cheering a good idea. There is no treatment for COVID-19 and no vaccine. It will be our health care system that will have to deal with whatever effects follow.”
  • POLITICO: “President Donald Trump has promised that there will be a coronavirus vaccine before the year is out. But public health experts are growing increasingly worried that the White House will pressure regulators to approve the first vaccine candidate to show promise — without proof that it provides effective, reliable protection against the virus.”
  • Drs. Ezekiel Emanuel and Paul Offit in the NYT: “In a desperate search for a political boost, he could release a coronavirus vaccine before it had been thoroughly tested and shown to be safe and effective.”


Today, Navigator is releasing new data examining thousands of interviews with Asian Americans on attitudes towards coronavirus, the economy, and Trump.

  • Asian Americans are the most likely demographic group to identify as Independents — and they overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump. Among AAPI Americans, Trump’s overall approval is just 30%, economic approval is just 35%, and pandemic approval is just 32% — far lower than the overall public.
  • Asian Americans have been more impacted by coronavirus than the overall public. They also have greater concerns about the virus’ effects and report having experienced deeper financial anxieties than the overall public. They are also more likely than the overall public to say the government needs to do more to improve the economy in response.
  • Asian Americans have more intense concerns about Trump’s handling of the pandemic than the overall public.


The latest on how the economic crisis sparked by coronavirus is actually fueled by years of President Trump’s conservative economic policies, focusing today on Trump’s continued attempts to help Wall Street at the expense of the economy.



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Navigating Coronavirus

Navigating Coronavirus

A daily product to help you navigate Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and government response efforts. A project informed by @NavigatorSurvey.