Navigating Coronavirus — May 23


  • Trump’s wag-the-dog announcement on making churches “essential” isn’t even in step with his own evangelical base. Earlier this week, we revealed that 58% of Americans oppose reopening in the next few weeks; interestingly, given Trump’s attempt to stoke a culture war by demanding Governors allow churches to hold services this weekend, even his own base of white evangelicals has sizable opposition to reopening.
  • THE DATA >> 46% of white evangelicals oppose reopening the country in the next few weeks, while 49% support. (22% strongly oppose, and 24% strongly support.) So Trump isn’t even in line with the very base he’s trying to target with this political diversion.


  • His “announcement” deeming houses of worship “essential” is nothing more than a political tactic meant to generate a day or two of news coverage, positioning himself as champion for his evangelical base, but he has no authority to open them up, and he cannot override state and local orders. All he is doing is causing chaos and putting people in danger.
  • TRUMP IN APRIL >> “I like to allow governors to make decisions without overruling them, because from a constitutional standpoint, that’s the way it should be done.”
  • TRUMP YESTERDAY >> “The governors need to do the right thing… If they don’t do it, I will override the governors.”
  • NAVIGATOR DATA >> 66% of Americans approve of their governor’s handling of coronavirus, again, including 66% of Evangelical Americans and 63% of Trump 2016 voters.
  • WAPO: “Trump’s politically transparent push to reopen places of worship”
  • “When it comes to reopening places of worship, he jumped over what’s constitutionally allowed and arguably medically advisable, in an apparent effort to move the country in a direction he thinks is better for his reelection.”


  • As Trump tries to prematurely reopen the country, Americans remain primarily concerned about their health and many consider themselves vulnerable. Three months into this outbreak, and Americans continue to say their primary concern in this crisis is the impact it will have on the health of them and their families (73% vs. just 27% about personal finances). Among seniors 65+, it jumps even higher, to 84–16%.
  • MORE >> About half of Americans consider themselves vulnerable to the virus, but among older Americans, it jumps to 76%.
  • Concern about nursing homes has become top concern. We added a new question about how concerned Americans are about people in nursing homes, and it immediately became a top concern, with 87% of Americans worried.
  • MORE >> Notably, 59% of Independents blame Trump for lax safety precautions that led to 1 in 3 American coronavirus deaths being in a nursing home.


  • CNN: “McConnell shuts door on House plan for jobless funds”
  • Trump and McConnell were happy to pour trillions of dollars into corporate bailouts and tax breaks for the rich but are now doing everything they can to stall and limit additional support for workers and families.
  • Instead of worrying about the almost 40 million workers who filed for unemployment, McConnell is focused on protecting big business from any liability for putting their workers in danger.
  • Here is the reality: Families need more support to make it through this crisis, and the economy won’t truly recover until the people who drive it — workers, families, and consumers — are back on their feet.




A daily product to help you navigate Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and government response efforts. A project informed by @NavigatorSurvey.

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Navigating Coronavirus

Navigating Coronavirus

A daily product to help you navigate Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and government response efforts. A project informed by @NavigatorSurvey.

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