Navigating Coronavirus — October 16


Yesterday, we learned that another 1.3 million Americans filed new unemployment claims last week as Trump’s economy continues to struggle and Trump and his allies continue blocking additional support.

  • More than 25 million Americans are now receiving unemployment benefits and have seen their income cut by Trump and his allies at a time when there are millions more workers looking for a job than there are open positions.
  • A new analysis shows that the true unemployment rate is a shocking 26.1%. And according to this analysis, if you measure unemployed workers as anybody over 16 years old who isn’t earning a living wage, the rate rises to 54.6% and is nearly 60% for Black Americans.


  • **MAJOR FINDING** Americans overwhelmingly support a $2.4 trillion coronavirus relief package, and blame Trump for a deal collapsing. Support for providing additional economic relief has increased by 11 points since early June (from 59% to 70%).
  • TOP CONCERNS >> Nearly 6 in 10 Americans worry that, because Trump halted economic relief negotiations, small businesses will close, Americans won’t get much needed rent relief, and state and local governments won’t be able to fund UI, nutritional assistance, and programs for first responders.
  • REMINDER: Nearly 60% of the small businesses that closed due to the pandemic remain shuttered due to Trump’s bungled response.
  • The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is hitting Americans hard as they worry the economy is getting worse. Nearly half of Americans feel uneasy about their personal financial situation, and more than a third are worried about how they will pay the bills next month.
  • Trump’s economy: “8 Million Have Slipped Into Poverty Since May as Federal Aid Has Dried Up”
  • President Trump likes to talk about how great things are going for Wall Street, but the stock market is not the economy.
  • FOR EXAMPLE >> AP: “Stocks are soaring, and most Black people are missing out”
  • What are Americans worried about? Those who are currently struggling not getting the government assistance they need.
  • BE SMART >> There is absolutely no reason for Trump and his allies to be blocking critically-needed COVID-19 response legislation. House Democrats passed their robust recovery package in May and Trump and his allies have done nothing since then but obstruct, delay, and pretend that a recovery was just around the corner. The bottom line: Trump and his allies have failed to help workers, families, and the economy — and people across the country are seeing that very clearly.
  • Throughout the pandemic, Trump’s approval on handling the economy has remained split, but he receives much lower approval ratings on his handling of the economic recovery from the pandemic. Among independents his approval is underwater by 15 points, including more than one-third who strongly disapprove.




A daily product to help you navigate Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and government response efforts. A project informed by @NavigatorSurvey.

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Navigating Coronavirus

Navigating Coronavirus

A daily product to help you navigate Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and government response efforts. A project informed by @NavigatorSurvey.

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